Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • We provide a 24-months long warranty for the wooden structure and a 12-month warranty for the doors, windows, its components and fittings.

    The warranty will apply only if:

    The product was stored in a dry place until assembly.

    The product was built within 2 months from the date of delivery / pick-up.

    A suitable base was used for assembly, all products should be assembled only on a solid and even base, corresponding to the required size of the foundation specified in the assembly instruction.

    The product is assembled according to the assembly instruction received along with the product. Parts for the assembling are provided in the right size and do not require additional cutting or processing, unless specified otherwise in the assembly instruction.

    The product has not been modified or altered otherwise (Cut-out walls, inserted additional windows and / or doors).

    After assembly, the product was covered with a protective coating for wood at least twice or painted (on both inside and outside) and covered repeatedly after a year (inside and outside).

    Properly installed roofing material, guttering (Due to a leaky roof or faulty drain system, moisture can accumulate, and mold will appear).

    The product was properly ventilated, the humidity level inside should not exceed 60%.

    Properly adjusted / re-adjusted hinges when doors or windows have expanded / shrunk due to the natural process of wood.

    We want to emphasize that wood is a natural product, and it is likely that it will undergo changes, including some movement, deformation, cracking and decay, especially in volatile weather conditions, but this does not compromise the strength of the product, so this natural process is not covered by the warranty.

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